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Medicines to treat disease

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Medicines to treat disease

Medicines and Drugs

Infectious diseases have been treated in a variety of ways in the past and, as bacteria mutate, new medicines will be needed in the future.

Learn about these treatments, and also what happens to medicines, and drugs, when they are swallowed, injected or inhaled.

What is a drug?

A drug is a substance which alters the way in which the body works. It can affect your mind, your body or both. In every society there are certain drugs which are used for medicine, and others which are used for pleasure. Usually some of the drugs which are used for pleasure are socially acceptable, while others are illegal.

Ellie's medicine

Where do medicines come from?

This is developed from a story for KS1 pupils, which provides a link with earlier work. It is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which can be used with an Interactive White Board, projected on a screen, or printed on paper.

This resource describes how a medicine is made through the eyes of a little girl who feels poorly, falls asleep and dreams. Her dream journey takes her from a visit to the doctors to the scientists who come up with new chemicals which might act as medicines. The story can be used as an introduction into the work on microbes and illness, or as part of the story of "Our Battle against Bacteria" after children have become aware of the role of microbes in causing disease and the need for medicines to help to make us better.

Download the PowerPoint story of Ellie's Medicine