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This site is supported by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. It provides teachers and students with high quality, free, curriculum related, interactive resources containing animations and diagrams which can be downloaded. All our resources link science topics covered in school to the world outside and, particularly, to the treatment of disease.

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National Numeracy Day - 18th May 2022

Once again we are proud to be supporting National Numeracy Day on 18th May 2022, and looking to get people talking about numbers, building confidence and skills. Try out our new numbers quiz suitable for all age groups - all questions are multiple choice and you may be surprised by some of the answers. Good luck.

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The ABPI schools website is highly valued by teachers, up to 210,000 people use the site each month...

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We have over 70 new interactive quizzes for you to try and test your knowledge, while you work though each topic. You can try them on a desktop, tablet or even mobile. 

Some are simple, some are challenging but each one will boost your understanding of the topic.

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