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Topic last updated: 24 Nov 2021
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The following exercises relating to this module are available to download, view and print. They are available as pdf and word documents - the word documents can be edited.

Knowledge of materials and their properties can be learned in different ways. Practical experience is important, but it is often difficult to ensure that all types of physical properties have been understood, and it can be difficult to provide challenge for the most able.

The database of 31 materials covers nine different properties, including whether a material is shiny or dull , floats or sinks in water, is flammable or inflammable and whether it conducts electricity or is an insulator. Once pupils have learned about the properties materials have they can put their knowledge to the test with the Mission Material game.

In the game, materials are selected whilst travelling on conveyor belts. Several options are given - select just one property to consider, or two together - materials that are shiny and man-made, for instance.

Not everyone will agree with all the decisions - but this gives an opportunity for discussion. For instance chocolate is a solid at room temperature - but in a warm room it will certainly start to melt!